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Derrick Alan Higgins

Tankie's Paw Print, Beach Dawg Care

Tankie's actual paw print

   My husband and I lost our beloved dog "Tankie" of 11 years due to an enlarged heart in 2021.  Tankie passed away in my arms.  I was devastated & made a promise to our sweet boy Tankie right then to have a life change shift & new mission to helping as many animals as possible.  Tankie was such an incredible, unique dog & is my inspiration for starting Beach Dawg Care.  Beach Dawg Care is his legacy & that's him right there in my logo and his actual paw print on my website!  "Beach Dawg" was his nickname. 

   Hug your dogs every single day!  Give & show loads of love ❤️ always to your Fur Babies 🐶 !"

Derrick Higgins, Tankie, Beach Dawg Care

   Here is a recent article written about Tankie  and Derrick in the Winter issue of Pet Sitters International's "Pet Sitter World" Magazine in which they interviewed Derrick and he shared his story about Tankie & how he is the inspiration for starting "Beach Dawg Care":

Derrick Higgins, Beach Dawg Care
“All Dogs Are Equal.”
― Derrick Alan Higgins

   Derrick is not an App.  He does not have a "Team" & has no interest in Franchising & never will!  With him, you can call, text or email about scheduling or other things he needs to know.  The last few years has seen the emergence of multi million dollar Dog Walking companies who describe themselves as an "App" or the "Uber of Dog Walking".  At the end of the day, your Fur Baby doesn't care about Apps!  They just want to know they're loved & that they can trust a familiar face to take good care of them when you're at work or away on vacation.  This is what Derrick (Beach Dawg Care) is.  He forms a close bond with all Dogs.  In Miami-Dade County, Derrick Alan Higgins is known as the "go-to guy" for all things Dog related.  He is very detail-oriented & very responsible with his clients.  Derrick's Beach Dawg Care is a Complete, Full Dog Care Service including Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Dog Sitting & In Home Pet Care with a Holistic approach to a Dog's Health considering every aspect of your Dog from Food, Nutrition, Lifestyle & Activity Level individualized with loving care.  He is experienced with all types of Dogs: big, small, strong & hyper pups including Bully Breeds.

    Derrick is Licensed, Fully Bonded, Insured, Multi-Certified & a Professional through:

  • His proof of a clear Federal, Multi-State & County Criminal History/Background Check Screening Report has been completed & is provided by ACUTRAQ.

   Derrick is an Animal Rights Advocate, 9 year Vegan, absolutely loves animals & helping them.  He graduated from Appalachian State University which is in the Blue Ridge/Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina with a Bachelor's degree in Communications, Minors in Psychology & Sociology.  (Dogs have their psychology & their way of communicating with us!). He is also a Meditation Teacher & Certified Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance  leading Power, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga & Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork which allows him to bring Mindfulness-inspired skills to all his Dog Care services.

    Motivated by his love & passion for all Animals & a deep understanding of Quality Dog Care, Derrick continues to expand his Service offerings to meet the needs of Dog Parents with the training & skills to keep Dogs safe, happy & engaged.  When you and your Fur Baby come to Beach Dawg Care, you become part of Derrick's Family. 
















Derrick Higgins and Tankie
Derrick Higgins and Tankie


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Derrick Higgins, Beach Dawg Care
Beach Dawg Care is focused on Inclusiveness & Respect

Derrick is a Member and Supporter of the LGBTQ+ Community.

He is not only focused on your Dog's needs and comfort, but also understands how stressful it can be to trust another individual with your beloved Fur Baby Family member.


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