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One of Tankie's favorite hikes - Beacon Heights Summit off of the Blue Ridge Parkway,

North Carolina.

Tankie on Beacon Heights Summit.

Remembering Tankie:
Forever in Our Hearts

The world lost a playful and adventurous soul when Tankie left us. From exploring the great outdoors to conquering Beacon Heights Summit off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, Tankie's spirit was always full of life. With each passing day, the extent of Tankie's impact continues to grow. Tankie will never be forgotten.

Here is Tankie on Beacon Heights summit

off the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina.

A Tribute To Our
Beach and Mountain Dog

Tankie was a beach-loving dog who enjoyed exploring the mountains as well. He cherished family road trips to Key West, FL, with his beloved parents Derrick and his husband. Tankie's favorite spot was by the palm trees at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic Park, where he would unwind in the shade by the ocean.

Tankie in Key West at sunset.

Tankie in Key West, Florida at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park.

Tankie's real paw print

Tankie's actual paw print

In Loving Memory of Tankie

May 15, 2010 - Feb 5,2021

"Forever our very sweet boy, gentle giant...once in a lifetime best friend. 

We haven’t taken a step without you by our side for the past 11 years.

You were not merely our pet, but our son and will always live on in our hearts."

We will definitely all see Tankie at the other end of the rainbow playing with his coconut.

 We celebrated Tankie's life with a memorial service at the

Pet Angel Memorial Center - Broward Pet Cemetery

on Friday, March 12th, 2021 at 2:30pm at Tankie's graveside. 

Rev. Juan Del Hierro lead us in a prayer and guided meditation.

11455 NW 8th St, Plantation, FL 33325.

 We are very grateful that Tankie got to meet many of you (even flying across the U.S. to do so). We will definitely all see Tankie at the other end of the rainbow playing with his coconut. We are sure his tail is wagging and he is sitting on his Grandma's lap right now.

Thank you all that attended Tankie's ceremony to honor his life.

Here are a few words we have written for our beautiful boy...

"Our beautiful Tankie.
Our gift from God.
You were our son, our best friend, our gentle protector, our healer and our Happiness.  You blessed us with loyalty, devotion, love and joy that will never be forgotten.  You made us better beings and taught us how to love.  There is no other like you.  Life without you will never be the same.  Your cheerfulness and unconditional love gave us so much happiness.  You will remain in our hearts forever.
Everyone you touched was blessed by your love.
You could not talk, but we knew you were wise.  You stared into our souls and always knew how to make things better.  Our lives feel empty, but remembering the magic that you brought everywhere you went fills our hearts.  Your tail wagging, face licking, cuddling self and elegant galloping will remain in our hearts forever.  Our little angel...we love you and miss you so much.  You are in heaven now sweet, play and be free.  Before you know it, you will be running back into our arms again.  We love you.  You are in our hearts forever."

Tankie's gravesite

Nestled Under A Majestic Tree

Our sweet, beautiful boy Tankie's gravesite is at Pet Angel Memorial Center - Broward in Plantation, Florida.

Derrick's cousin Greg Allen playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for Tankie’s memorial service. 

Rev. Juan Del Hierro

Rev. Juan del Hierro leading us in a prayer and guided meditation at Tankie's memorial service.

Out of the many times that Derrick and his husband visited the cemetery before they chose it for their baby Tankie, they had never heard birds chirping. However the day that they laid their baby to rest there were so many birds gathering and sitting in the tree just above Tankie's grave singing as loudly as they could.

Tankie's boulder on Beacon Heights summit.

Tankie's Boulder on his favorite hike - Beacon Heights Summit off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina.

Tankie's Memorial Page Thank you.

Namaste, And Thank You

Thank you all for your kind words and support. If any of you have pictures of our beloved Tankie, please post them on social media and tag everyone. Let's celebrate the joy Tankie brought into our lives. Here is Tankie's Facebook page if you would like to post a comment:

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