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Derrick Higgins

Private Dog Training

Your dog will learn to obey commands while feeling loved & respected, in line with Ahimsa philosophy

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Service Description

Part of a plan Experience the transformation in your furry friend with Derrick's private dog obedience training sessions at Beach Dawg Care®. Derrick deeply believes in the principle of Ahimsa, nonviolence towards all living beings. In his basic obedience training, Derrick will work with you and your dog to ensure a positive and peaceful training experience. Your dog will learn to obey commands while feeling loved and respected, in line with Ahimsa philosophy. *Book a session now through Derrick's Dog Training Plans & Pricing page and watch your pup's behavior improve in no time!

Payment Process & Cancellation Policy

• Payment is expected at the time of booking or on the day of service, before the start of the pet care. • PayPal, Credit Cards, and Venmo with a 2.9% processing fee accepted, also Cash and Zelle. • Please provide a minimum of 24-hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment. • No cancellation fee for cancellations made within this time frame. • Beach Dawg Care® operates from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Sunday.

Derrick's Contact Details


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