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Best Dog-Friendly Beaches!

Want to include your best friend in your weekend plans?  You can!  South Florida has dog-friendly beaches!  There's nothing better than a gorgeous day at the beach with your pup!  I’ve put together a list of the best dog-friendly beaches in and near Hollywood, Florida.

Derrick Higgins, Dog Beach

Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149

Just off of the Rickenbacker Causeway is Hobie Beach (also called Windsurfer Beach .
Hobie Beach is known for being Miami's favorite dog friendly beach.  Bring your pup here for a nice run on the sand.  The water is shallow so dogs can play in the surf without worries about strong currents.  Hobie Beach/Windsurfer Beach is located right in between Brickell, Downtown Miami and Key Biscayne, so beach goers will enjoy amazing skyline views from this beautiful off-road beach with concession stands & free parking!

Derrick Higgins, Dog Beach

Between 80th & 81st Street Beach in Miami Beach.  East of the North Beach Oceanside Park, entrance on Collins and 81 Street


• Dogs permitted in designated beach area only.
• Dogs shall be on leash at all times except in designated area.  Owner must carry leash at all times in the Bark Beach area.
• You are responsible for immediate disposal of all fecal matter deposited by your dog.
• Dogs should not create a nuisance by causing any form of disturbance such as excessive barking and other types of inappropriate behavior.
• The holder shall indemnify and  hold harmless the City, its employees, officers, agents and assigns from any and all claims for injury and/or damages to property, including wrongful death, resulting from the use of the Bark Beach.
• Owners accept responsibility for the actions of their dogs.
• Female dogs in heat, aggressive and any dogs not up to date with required vaccines are NOT permitted.
• Dogs are not permitted to dig in the sand.
• Dogs must have collar and rabies tag on at all times.
• Limit two (2) dogs per owner.

Derrick Higgins, Dog Beach
South Pointe Park Bark Park (OFF-LEASH)

Located on the Southern tip of Miami Beach, 1 Washington Avenue.

This is the City’s only off leash dog park.  It is recommended for your dog to be brought into the designated area with a leash, have current year tags and shots and be accompanied by its owner/guardian. Owner/guardians should pick up dog waste and drop in designated containers.

It is a violation to permit dogs to run at large in any other area of this park.

Specified off-leash area is the fence-less grass area south and west of the Washington Avenue entry plaza.

Dogs are also welcome in other areas of the park but, must always remain leashed.

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