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Founder, Owner & Operator of

Beach Dawg Care, LLC

Canine Professional, Dog Behaviorist, Dog Trainer

My Journey...

    My husband and I lost our dog "Tankie" of 11 years due to an enlarged heart in 2021.  Tankie died in my arms.  I made a promise to our boy Tankie right then to have a life change shift to helping all animals.  Tankie is my inspiration for starting Beach Dawg Care, this is his legacy & that's him right there in my logo and his actual paw print on my website!

   I have always felt a special connection with all animals from a very young age and have extensive experience in handling Dogs of all Breeds and from all Temperaments.  I am extremely passionate about what I do.  Having had dogs of my own all my life helps me understand the worries that owners have leaving their pets in someone else’s care.  

   I am Licensed, Fully Bonded, Insured and Multi-Certified through Pet Sitters Associates, a Professional with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers,  the International Association of Canine Professionals,  Pet Sitters International & also the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.  My proof of a clear Federal, Multi-State & County Criminal History/Background Check Screening Report for myself has been completed & provided by ACUTRAQ.

    I was born in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina & am a graduate of Appalachian State Universi ty in Boone, North Carolina which is in the Blue Ridge/Appalachian Mountains earning a Bachelor's degree in Communications: Electronic Media/Broadcasting Minors in Psychology & Sociology.  (Dogs have their psychology and their way of communicating with us!)

   I migrated to South Florida 16 years ago because of my love for sun, sand & beautiful sunsets!  I am an active part of the community & know this Southernmost Region of the Sunshine State very well.  I married my Husband in Key West on a sunset sail & we have been together for 14 years.  We spend our free time skiing, snowboarding & hiking across the U.S. and at our mountain home ( on top of Sugar Mountain, N.C..

    Since 2013 I have been a Licensed Realtor in Miami with London Foster Realty & member of The MIAMI Association of Realtors and I am very passionate & love going the extra mile in helping people.  This gives me an edge of knowing what buildings allow what dogs & the rules & regulations pertaining to Dogs of each building in the area for owners & renters.

   I am also a Meditation Teacher & a Registered and Certified Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance leading Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga & Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork which allows me to bring Mindfulness-Inspired Skills to all of my Dog Care Services.  

   I am experienced with all Types/Breeds/Sizes of Dogs including Bully Breeds and I absolutely love them all.  I am able manage Large, Strong & Hyper Dogs.

   Hug your dogs every single day!  

   I care for & love all animals of all kinds. 

   Your Dog will be part of my Family.

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    With me as your Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Dog Training Professional you can expect a caring and personalized touch. 

   Proudly supporting Dog Parents in Surfside, Bal Harbour and Bay Harbor Islands.

*Please note that I do not currently offer boarding at my headquarters.  I do offer sitting in my clients’ homes.  
*My Policy is that for Health and Safety reasons I require a Meet and Greet with you and your Pup prior to first service.

   Here is a recent article written about Tankie & I in the Winter issue of Pet Sitters International's "Pet Sitter World" Magazine in which they interviewed me & I shared my story about Tankie & how he is my inspiration for starting "Beach Dawg Care":

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   Here is an article from April 6, 1990 I wrote my Freshman year of College for the College Newspaper.  My Professor asked me to write an article about my fellow colleagues bringing their pets to class for National Pet Day, however I chose to go to an Animal Shelter instead.  I have always had my devotion and compassion for Animal rights.

Here is the issue of The Cougar Cry : The Voice of Wilkes Community College in which I interviewed the Control Officers and Volunteers at the Wilkes County Dog Shelter:

My Article The Cougar Cry_edited_edited.
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