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Pets Available For Adoption

Please help these rescued & rehabilitated pets & provide them with a safe home, a life of comfort & love.  Together we can make this world a better place for them & surround them with rescue at a time.  Thank you for your support.

Derrick Higgins
Derrick Higgins, The Humane Society of Broward County
Derrick Higgins, The Humane Society of Broward County

Adorable!  That’s the best way to describe the bonded pair of mature dogs Kilo and Dito. The poodle duo is 13 and 10-years-old and weigh 10 and 19 pounds. Fortunately, the pair were transferred to the Humane Society from the county shelter and when they arrived, they were in rough shape suffering from skin issues related to flea infestation. Kilo and Dito were selected to be part of a skin study program at VCA Animal Hospitals and thanks to the great care they received, their skin looks 1000% times better!  They also received dentals and a grooming.  Kilo was diagnosed with hypothyroidism- a condition where the pet produces inadequate thyroid hormone, so he will have to be on a medication daily.  The pair are lively, playful, and eager to find a home to spend their golden years.  Can you make their wish come true?

To meet Kilo (ID 668183) and Dito (ID 668184) or any other pet complete a pre-adoption application at and then stop by.  The Humane Society of Broward County is located at 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the adoption kennels open daily at 11 a.m.  If you have questions call 954-989-3977 ext. 6.  And, if you can’t adopt, please share.

Derrick Higgins, Beach Dawg Care
Derrick Higgins, The Florida Keys SPCA

Meet Moo!
Moo was surrendered to us when his human began having health issues that caused continued and permanent memory loss, including forgetting that Moo lived with her.  She loved Moo so much that she knew she could no longer provide a safe home for him so she brought him to us, knowing that we could.  And we will with your help.
This guy is a staff and volunteer favorite! Almost 11 years old, Moo is charming, friendly, and simply has a certain je ne sais quoi that you'll understand the moment you meet him.  Moo recently had a number of teeth extracted, so he'll be on wet food for a while, perhaps for the rest of his life. But that doesn't worry Moo - with those bad teeth taken care of he's got more bounce in his step, is full of vim and vigor, and smiles even brighter! Moo is still active and enjoys his walks, but his dream date is hanging out on the couch with you.
If you are interested in bringing home this wonderful gentleman of a certain age, follow this link to fill out an adoption questionnaire: Or stop by and meet him at our Key West Campus - but be careful, you just may fall in love.


Derrick Higgins, Avery Humane Society

Kongo is a little shy but so sweet. Once he gets over his shyness his true colors shine through. He is a bright light and very happy once he trusts you. Kongo loves to go on walks and likes to sit with you and get pets. He does bark when in his kennel because he is afraid. He does so much better meeting humans outside so he doesn't feel trapped in the small room. Kongo is probably best in a home with no small children. Kongo has had a very rough start in life and shelter life has not been good for him. Once Kongo knows you aren't going to hurt him he loves to give kisses and hugs. This boy sure loves going on hikes and running outside.

Derrick Higgins, Avery Humane Society
Derrick Higgins, Humane Society of Wilkes
Derrick Higgins, Humane Society of Wilkes

   Blossom is a beautiful black and white pit mix who weighs 50lbs and is estimated to be around 2 years old.  She has been waiting since February for her perfect forever home to find her!  Blossom is very bubbly and playful and loves everyone she meets.  She is great with other dogs of all sizes, older children, and dog friendly adult cats.  Her favorite thing to do is play fetch outside and roll around in dirt and grass.  Inside she has great house manners and loves to nap on the couch.  She is house trained and is used to sleeping in her crate at night.  Blossom will make a wonderful family addition for anyone looking for a big love bug.  To meet or adopt Blossom you must first fill out an application here: To ensure your application was received please email the foster home at You can expect an email response within a week of applying so please be sure to check your inbox as well as you spam folder.

Derrick Higgins, Fundacion Perros Sin Nombre
Derrick Higgins, Fundacion Perros Sin Nombre

I'm a young, playful, beautiful American Bulldog boy. 

I am very loyal and a great companion.

I am a rare Albino Pup and am unique and exotic looking. 

My coloring makes me beautiful and inspiring!

I am friendly and affectionate to my hoomans, but have a hard time socializing with other dogs due to my visual acuity when exposed to bright light.  So it's best I am the only fur baby for a home.

My skin is very delicate and lacks pigment and needs protection against ultraviolet rays.  I have to stay out of the dirt and direct sunlight because of my sensitive skin.  I prefer the nice, cool shade of a palm tree or being indoors snuggling with you when it's hot outside.  Early mornings or evenings are the best times for walking with me or playtime when the rays of the sun are not as harmful. 

I eat special food with no grains and a good balanced diet. 

I have vitamins and medicine for my allergies.

I really just want to be loved.  Once I know you, I love you fiercely.  I want a home where I feel safe and loved and where there is structure and a daily routine I can get used to. 

I will follow you around wagging my tail and asking for attention.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Cameron is available through my friends at Fundacion Perros Sin Nombre.

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